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By signing this agreement, I agree that The Learning Tree Academy implements proper disinfection and sanitation practices and is not responsible for any COVID-19 transmission that may take place by having children, teachers, or adults within close proximity of each other by the entrance of the school or inside the classroom and other activity areas.

By signing this agreement, I agree that if anyone in our home becomes symptomatic within 14 days of my child's class attendance, I immediately notify The Learning Tree Academy.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that COVID-19 is of contagious nature and know the risks that I or my child may become exposed to or get infected by the virus. I also acknowledge that exposure to COVID-19 may result in personal injury, serious illness, or fatality.

By signing this agreement, I agree that I will follow the proper protective measures, including wearing of face coverings (when required), maintaining proper hand hygiene, practicing safe social distancing at The Learning Tree Academy.

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