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Parental Involvement

The parents are our main partners in making everything possible for the children. We acknowledge your reserved right as our primary resource, that is why we highly encourage you to take part and bring in your opinions about matters that directly concern your little loved ones. You may consult our director about any comments or suggestions you may have, and we will be happy to hear you out. We also have an open-door policy so you can come anytime to witness your child/ren in action, make them feel cheered while going about the day’s task with inspiration.

School Monthly Calendar

Child Safety and Security

  • Positive reinforcement as a discipline to diminish undesirable behavior and encourage repetition of good behavior
  • School materials and instructional tools found at the center are regularly cleaned to be ready for children’s use
  • Emergency exists available
  • Gang-free zone. Child care centers in Texas are protected from any gang-related or criminal activity under the law
  • Non-toxic toys
  • A visitor Log-In system to monitor the arrival and departure of all personnel who come to visit the center
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed entry to the campus premises or to pick-up a child who is ill
  • All members of the care staff are background-checked and certified. They are also trained in Basic Life Support, Pediatric CPR, and First Aid
  • Surveillance systems are installed to monitor activities throughout the center
  • Safe, clean, and well-maintained classrooms

Educational Excellence

The Learning Tree Academy offers developmentally-appropriate instruction using a curriculum that widely caters to different age groups. Children are engaged in structured activities that stimulate their interest and hone their skills in different areas of learning.

At The Learning Tree Academy, we target the holistic development of each child physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.

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