Benefits of Early Childhood Friendships


Establishing friendships is a key developmental goal. Although not all of us could remember the very first friend we made, the whole experience served us our foundation to socializing.

At The Learning Tree Academy, we promote holistic development for every child. Every kid under our Child Care is supported to achieve their developmental goals.

Through their peers and classmates from a Preschool in Texas, your child has the opportunity to meet kids their age – eventually making friends.

Early childhood friendships bring many lessons to your child. One of which is that these relationships serve as an introduction to sharing another person’s perspectives. Before having friends, the child’s perspective is limited to their own and that of their household. By meeting new people, they are expanding their perspectives by listening to what the other has to share.

As your child interacts with their friends, they begin to learn how conversations work. They see that conversations are made of one or more people. This is where the exchange of ideas happens. They are exposed to the rules of conversation and when they are guided, they can build healthy conversations that show respect.

Children do as they see. Being with kids their age, they manifest age-appropriate behaviors as they have seen from their peers. They begin to organize and function as their own.

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