Improving Your Child’s Study Habits

improving-your-childs-study-habitsGetting your preschoolers to study can be challenging. Effective study habits may be ignored, particularly by toddlers beginning their academic path at a preschool in Texas. Here are some methods to assist your children in improving their study habits in preparation for a fruitful school year at The Learning Tree Academy.

  • Arrange a study area far from the television
    Children are easily distracted by television shows, particularly when their favorite cartoons are on. Be sure to turn off the screen when it’s time to study.
  • Do your own work in the space with your child
    Watching TV or videos on your phone can disrupt your child’s focus. Set a good example by sitting next to your child and working on something while they study.
  • Set a study schedule to create a routine
    Choose a few hours each day to devote to studying and performing assignments. Do your best to stick to this schedule as much as you can.
  • Provide breaks in between
    Pushing your youngster to study for hours will only result in a slew of tantrums and less productivity. Preschoolers have a limited attention span, so keep that in mind and give them breaks.
  • Study with incentives
    Part of effective learning in child care is motivating your child to finish homework by offering a nice meal or allowing them to play and watch their favorite cartoons afterward.

Kiss your child’s tantrums and refusal to learn goodbye. These are just a few ideas for improving your child’s study habits and reducing your frustrations when studying with them.

A child care center in Irving, Texas can help and teach your young ones new study skills and habits, which will eventually lead to an excellent and fruitful school year.

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