Learning Should Always Be Fun

learning-should-always-be-funStudies show that your age is correlated to your attention span. It means that if you are ten years old, your attention span runs for about 10 minutes. So how about those kids enrolled in a preschool in Texas staying in school for more than an hour? You can only imagine. The good news is, fun fortifies this.

Have you tried being in charge of child care? What did you do to get the attention of the child? You do something funny, show something attractive or play a video they like. When we enjoy what we are listening, watching, or doing, we are more likely to get focused.

At The Learning Tree Academy, we employ fun in every activity. We know that children learn better; when they enjoy what they learn or what they do. They get focused without coercion. Because of this premise, we integrate creative activities in learning foundational skills – writing, reading, and counting. We ensure our preschoolers are involved in physical interaction with the environment, exploration, and authentic action.

So if you want your child to get focused on learning, and imprint a permanent and long-term understanding of foundational concepts, talk to us. We are a child care center in Irving, Texas that believes that fun is always the best way to learn.

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