Hunger and its Impact on Studies


Hunger is one of the major concerns in the world. In the US, 1 out of 6 kids experiences this, according to Feeding America Organization.

How does this impact child education? Lack of food results in:

  • Lack of concentration at studies
  • Lack of interest in doing school activities
  • Impairments in language and motor skills

How can parents and Child Care providers resolve this?

  • Prepare a nutritious breakfast.
    Having breakfast is essential every day. It will replenish our body with nutrients as we go on fasting all through the night. Kids will have adequate energy as they attend their Preschool in Texas daily.
  • Prepare healthy lunch and snacks for school.
    Fruits and vegetables are healthier than processed foods. Parents can pack their lunch with home-cooked meals instead of instant or reheated food, while teachers educate kids to choose healthier food options.

The Learning Tree Academy promotes parental involvement in the education of their tots. We hope that you will help hand-in-hand with our Child Care Center in Irving, Texas – so we can produce happy and enthusiastic children.

If you need more information about our Elementary Virtual Learning and other programs, call us at 972-253-4810.

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