Micronutrient Deficiency in Children

micronutrient-deficiency-in-childrenChildren nowadays are exposed to junk foods of different varieties. In a typical family mealtime, kids consume what their parents eat. And when there is no time to prepare, most will resort to ordering pizza, hotdogs, burgers, or ready-to-eat meals. How can your children get the right amount of nourishment from those?

Child care includes providing the right amount of nutrition. If we do not supply them with what their bodies require, they can experience deficiencies in elements necessary for disease prevention, growth, and development.

Micronutrient deficiency is the inadequacy of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to maintain a healthy mind and body. Without enough nutrients, children in Preschool in Texas can experience malnutrition, illnesses, weakness, lack of focus, among others.

Some of the essential vitamins and minerals the children need are:

  • Vitamin A
    for healthy eyesight
  • Calcium
    for bone health and growth
  • Vitamin D
    helps absorb calcium for bone development.
  • Iron
    to prevent anemia
  • Zinc
    to protect against infectious diseases.

As a Child Care Center in Irving, Texas, our institution believes that proper health can help children perform well at school. They can stay active and show their skills and talents confidently.

The Learning Tree Academy is one with you in promoting holistic wellness for your kids. Enroll them now!

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